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#DF18: Tips from the #GIFSquad

We have just over a month to go until #SalesforceOhana descends on San Francisco for a week of networking and learning at Dreamforce. Whether this is your 1st or 5th time attending the conference, the #GifSquad has put together some tips for you to make the most of your time.


“It’s exciting to pack your days full of sessions, but really try to attend those core to what you want to learn, and make sure to leave time to attend fun sessions like #AwesomeAdmin Lip Sync Battle!” Amy 

“Pace yourself. Schedule a few sessions you want to attend, areas you want to explore, things you want to do, but don’t forget to allow time to rest, recharge, and relax. There’s no shame in taking a mid-day nap in your hotel room.” Stacey

“Go with a goal in mind of what you want to learn and/or experience. Be extremely intentional in your session selection and strive to align with your organizations goals.” Justice

“Do AT LEAST one HoT (Hands On Training)! They are worth the entire conferenece IMO.” Melinda

“Start going thru the session listings NOW and bookmark them. When Agenda Builder goes live, it’s frenetic and you may miss out on getting a seat in a session you really wanted to see.” Amy

“Sessions are recorded and available. If you miss it, don’t worry.” Sam

**Several members of the GIFSquad are speaking this year at Dreamforce- be sure to look for us:


Little things, big impact

“You can save a few bucks on food if you’re coming on your own budget. Find breakfasts and dinners being hosted, they’re everywhere.” Bill

“Bring some creature comforts to get you through the long week….Emergen-C, granola bars, your fav protein shake, comfy slippers.” Melinda

“Bring MULTIPLE phone chargets. The smaller & thinner the better. You dont want to lose a chance to take a selfie with folks you admire in the community.” Bill

“I know it’s been said many times, but wear comfortable shoes. You’ll be walking. Alot. And standing. And you don’t want to miss a chance encounter with someone on your “must meet” list because you had to head back to your room early. Bonus tip: I also carry bandaids just in case my comfy shoes wear a blister.” Stacey

“Remember self-care. This is a large conference and it can get overwhelming for many people. Know your limits, and make yourself a priority.” Amy


“Try to arrive or stay at least one day after the conference. San Francisco has some amazing sites to see, and your chances of finding another #SalesforceOhana member to link up with is much higher during Dreamforce!” Amy

“I do a lot of networking at Dreamforce. That’s because going into Dreamforce I have a lot of questions. Questions for Salesforce product owners and managers, questions for vendors that I work with (or may work with in the future), questions for my peers who know products better than I do who I don’t see often. I will make a quick list of these and try to reach out to these people prior to Dreamforce to see if we can make a meetup during the week. (5 to 10 min talk?). We may not solve my question, but give context for a later discussion 2 or 3 weeks later. This is a great place to have a 1:1 with a product expert, Salesforce leader or a peer having the same issues as you!” Stuart

“You’ll be tired….just own it. Go to the happy hours and the parties, you’ll be sad if you missed a chance to hang, in real life, with the people you admire in our community.” Melinda

“You can sleep when you’re dead. See ALL the people!” Bill

“Make a list of #SalesforceOhana you want to meet prior to the big event, and reach out to them in someway prior to the conference to set up to let them know you’d like to meet!” Amy

“Be open to networking with new people in new spaces. This is a conference eclipsing 150,000+ attendees in one area. Step out of your comfort zone and attend events and meetups.” Justice

“If it’s your first Dreamforce, you’re going to be overwhelmed, and none of this advise is really going to resonate until you’re there. Don’t sweat it. Your second year will be better. And different.” Sam



“Swag. I love swag. I think i have an addiction. It could be a problem. I was like a swag whisperer in 2016. I would get tips from other attendees on where they got the best swag and I would go seek it out. I would enter in contests and talk my way into winning. I just was clicking on all cylinders. Don’t be like me. Let it go. Don’t get sucked in by swag. You can have a good Dreamforce without swag. It’s ok. That being said, I wonder where the best swag will be this year and I am sure there will be some chatter posting about where to find good swag.” Stuart

“Bring a fabric duffel bag that will rollup nicely into your carry-on for your trip out west. Fill it with swag for the ride home. I didnt wind up using mine last year, but it fit nicely in my bag anyway and didnt take up room so it worked out.” Bill



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