Justice Sikakane

Justice Sikakane is a proud graduate and alumni of Woodbury High School, Class of 2007.

He recently received the 2016 Distinguished Alumni award and honor. He also delivered the keynote address to the hundreds in attendance for his acceptance of the award at the High School.

Today, Justice holds the position of Lead Salesforce.com Administrator/Configuration Developer for Cargill. The largest privately company in the U.S. Prior to Cargill, Justice consulted as an IT Professional for a number of companies; including 3M and Allianz Insurance Company of North America among other Fortune 500 companies.

In the past year, he’s emerged as a speaker at industry events and conferences as a subject matter expert in his field. Justice presented in San Francisco, CA last year at what is referred by many in the industry as the largest software conference in North America. Additionally, Justice is an avid volunteer for a strong passion of his; which is giving back to students in the classroom with Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest (JAUM). He currently serves as Chair for the strategic partnership between Cargill and JAUM. From these experiences Justice has had multiple publications featuring him and his efforts to give back to surrounding communities and classrooms. He’s published several articles around his field of work with the intent to aid in the learning journey of others. He maintains 100+ trailhead badges – which is Salesforce’s free learning option for increased understanding of their ecosystem, community and culture that is commonly referred to as their Ohana.

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