NotIsBlank Monica

Monica is a certified App Builder who became acquainted with Salesforce in 2012 when she attended Dreamforce as an absolute newbie, knowing no one and nothing. She owes her Salesforce knowledge and trailblazing success to being “Community Taught” rather than self-taught. Monica blames her fanatical love of formulas on Steve Molis (Who owes me a beer?!?) whom she says inspired her to become an when he proclaimed that “if he could learn Salesforce, anyone can.”

In 2016, she convinced her friend Misty Jones (Flyin’ Solo) to be co presenter for an Admin Theater Dreamforce session, “Process Automation Makeover- Transform Multiple Workflows into One Process”. Monica claims the session was a fun experience, despite first -time jitters and the moment when Misty stormed off the stage. She refuses to comment as the whether or not Misty’s exit was scripted.




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