Pat Solum

Pat Solum was introduced to the strange wonderful mistress that is Salesforce in 2009 when he accepted a position as a Marketing Director and was told the great lie many of us were told.

“We are putting in Salesforce but don’t worry it will only be about 10% of your job.”

He found out very quickly it was his absolute favorite part of his job.

Patrick resides in South Dakota with his wife and 4 kids (I know right) and is the first and only resident Salesforce MVP of that fine state. South Dakota boasts 3 seasons. Too hot, too cold and May. Its like Minnesota except with less Vikings fans and less to do.



His advice to others getting into the Salesforce Ohana is simple:

Be yourself

This will change your life.

Introduce yourself. Get to know everyone you can.

Ask for help.

Help others.

Always be nice.

Most of all have fun and do amazing things.



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