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Week of Kirstin Teall

Every week the GIF Squad tries to feature a person we feel contributes to the Salesforce community #Ohana. Check out who is in the spotlight this week and be sure to connect further using the links at the bottom of this post!

Title and Current Employer

Recruiting Manager

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Salesforce Trailblazer Community Group Leader?

Yes! I am a #tro-leader for the Denver Salesforce Admin User Group.

Favorite Salesforce Feature

Einstein bots are fascinating me these days, but the ability to customize Salesforce to match how each different company runs is truly the highlight.

Salesforce’s Biggest Opportunity for Improvement

More Swag!

Fun Facts about me:

  1. I fell into the Salesforce Ohana by accident, and I love it.
  2. I’m on Mission: Admin Cert with a goal of 2019!
  3. I launched a side business this year, focused on resume consulting and Salesforce recruiting
  4. I love to ski, hike and just be consistently active.
  5. I love to triple fist: wine, coffee and water.

Most Identifies With This Salesforce Mascot:

Cloudy, of course. Besides her being adorable, the number of opportunities for goat related puns is endless.


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