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Week of Lauren Touyet

Every week the GIF Squad tries to feature a person who we feel contributes to the Salesforce community #Ohana . This week the spotlight lands on Lauren Touyet! Be sure to check out Lauren’s contact information at the bottom of this post.


Title and Company

Salesforce Solution Architect, Symantec

  • Administrator
  • Platform App Builder
Are you a User Group Leader?

Yes! I’m the Salesforce Ireland User Group Leader.


140 Badges (and climbing!)

Favorite Salesforce Feature

The Lightning dashboards, having the ability to resize components has changed so much for me!

Salesforce’s Biggest Opportunity for Improvement

Not being able to display your Trailhead badges in your production Org, and having the ability to assign Trails to users and monitor their progress.

Salesforce Goal(s) for 2017

I have loads! The big ones for me are:

  • Get a few more certifications
  • Grow the Salesforce community in Ireland
  • Blog more
  • Present at Dreamforce
5 Fun Facts about Lauren
  1. I am married to a French man but failed french in school!
  2. I got 50 Trailhead badges in 4 days
  3. I have a squishy food complex
  4. I watch the Gilmore Girls everyday & can recite it word for word
  5. #TeamLogan
Most Identifies With Which Salesforce Mascot

Astro! We are both fellow trailblazers and short!

Favorite GIF

Be sure to connect with Lauren via:

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